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The sarcastic fringehead (Neoclinus blanchardi) is a footlong fish that lives off the Pacific coast of North America. When unthreatened, the fringehead’s visage is fairly unremarkable. But if a marine predator (or stray human hand) attempts to dislodge a fringehead from its crevasse, the fish will race into action, brandishing its frightening Predator-like mouth at the interloper.

And things get even stranger when two sarcastic fringeheads get embroiled in a turf war. How strange? Two words: “mouth wrestling.” Are you brave enough to behold the angriest make-out party in the animal kingdom?

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wow, “sarcastic fringehead” describes me pretty well. that’s a spot-on depiction of my make-out technique also.


 Steer ahead group exhibit @ Soze Gallery, 2014

Check out some of the preview images for the “Steer Ahead” group show happening this Friday, April 18th, at Soze Gallery in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, benefiting CAMP2E , a non-profit art camp for inner city kids in DTLA. The show features hand painted steer skulls by Aaron De La Cruz, Cyrcle, Fidia Falaschetti, Gregory Siff, Kristen Bauer, Retna, Remi Rough, Sarah Sandin and others.


New Orleans Nightscapes: Beautiful Long Exposure Photos by Frank Relle

 Heartbreak and tribulation are never something we strive for. Yet, they’re unavoidable byproducts of a life well-lived, that teach us lessons along the way.
In addition to those lessons, these struggles often produce inspiration out of a need for escape or expression. And it was such a need that drove New Orleans native Frank Relle into the welcome embraces of long exposure photography and the city he calls home.
After a romantic heartbreak following his freshman year in college, Relle and his best friend (who had recently been injured in a car accident), walked the streets of the Garden District in New Orleans, each recovering from their respective struggles.
While walking through the streets, taking in the scenery, the two would create stories about the houses they came across. Doing so, Relle said in an interview with The New York Times, “got me thinking about how you could use the house as a backdrop to the personality of those inside and get at the theater of their lives.”

I love doing long exposures at night. It is amazing the colors you pick out.

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